Research Areas

Computer Architecture and
System Software

  • · Computer Architecture
  • · Compiler
  • · Database
  • · Operating Systems
  • · Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • · Computer Networks
  • · Scientific Computing

Computer architecture and system software are the cornerstones of all computer-related research, and the field of study aims to design high-performance systems that are highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. UNIST studies embedded systems, computer structures, parallel and distributed processing, real-time systems, operating systems, databases, programming languages, virtual operating systems, computer networks, mobile computing, and computer security. Technological development in this field is extremely important because it cannot only improve our real life but also have a profound impact on the development of other science and engineering.

Data Science

  • · Artificial Intelligence
  • · Neural Network and Machine Learning
  • · Computer Vision
  • · Image Processing
  • · Computer Graphics
  • · Information Retrieval and Data Mining
  • · Natural Language Processing

Data science focuses on various fields of computer applications including analysis and extraction of information. Thanks to the explosive development of computer system design technology, IT technologies such as e-business, data mining, next-generation web technology, cybersecurity and information protection are used almost everywhere throughout life. In this field, UNIST is studying artificial neural networks, machine learning, human computer interaction (HCI), computer vision, computer graphics, information extraction, and natural language processing.