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ITRC(Information Technology Research Center support program) Hyper-Composable Datacenter Research Center

Hyper-Composable Datacenter


The data centers are evolving from traditional infrastructure to converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, and composable infrastructure. The composable infrastructure or disaggregated infrastructure, which has been gaining popularity recently, creates resource pools according to the types of individual resources such as compute, memory, and storage. The management layer of composable infrastructure searches and accesses these resource pools and allocates the resources in the right place at the right time.


Recently, various products for composable infrastructure have been released, but they have limitations in scalability, OS, and interconnect. Therefore, this research center aims to overcome these limitations that preclude the implementation of true composable infrastructure. It also targets proposing and implementing a hyper-composable infrastructure that goes beyond the composable infrastructure to support a variety of emerging applications such as hyper-scale machine learning and nurturing high-level researchers to lead these researches.