Remedial education for 2019 1st On-line Lab Safety Education (19년도 1학기 온라인 연구실 안전교육 보충교육안내)

Dear ECE Student’s,

This is Changjoo Oh, a staff member the scholl of ECE. We kindly request you to take a laboratory safety education till 5th May(Sun).
Thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know if you have any further questions or help.

  1. Relation : Act on the establishment of safe laboratory environment code 18th (Education & Training)
  2. Education Plan
    A. Date : 2019. 04. 29.(Mon) ~ 05. 05.(Sun) [7 days] B. Relevant People
    1) Research Workers(Undergraduate/Graduate/Faculty members/Researchers/Staff)
    2) All science and engineering departments those who are entering labs in UNIST except ‘Department of management’s Undergraduate & Graduate school.
    C. Education Time
    ※ Education hours are grouped into UNIST laboratory safety management system by subject.
    D. How
    1) Take a lab safety education through online
    2) If you are not a target of education, please reply to the safety team through each safety supervisor of faculty
    ※ In case of system failure: ☏ 070-4659-0349, 010-8774-7043
  3. Administrative Issue
    A. Posting on UNIST Portal, BlackBoard, Management of Lab Safety System
    B. Introducing the process of lab safety education (Korean/English)
    C. The guidance of the education will be sent by MMS/EMAIL from Management of Lab Safety System
    D. Lab-Safety Education Non-Completed People will be limited on receiving Insurance Coverage in case of Lab accident based on Insurance Terms
    E. Lab-Safety Education Non-Completed People will NOT be entered the lab and considered an administrative action.