Openedges Technology, Inc. is a leading IP provider for Smart Computing in the Edges.
We develop two core technologies; 1) NPU (Neural Processing Unit) technology to accelerate
deep neural network computations and 2) Memory Subsystem technology to deliver high DRAM
bandwidth to demanding master IPs just like NPU.
We are actively looking for senior & junior hardware/software engineers who are interested in
making Smart Computing at the Edge a reality.
1. AI NPU (Neural Processing Unit)
We’re looking for talented engineers with any one of the following expertise:
• Architect
– RISC-V, SIMD/Vector engine
– Convolution engine, DMA, MMU (memory management unit)
• Software engineer
– Optimizing Compiler (graph algorithm, memory access optimization), RISC-V
Firmware, Linux Device Driver
– Neural network algorithm design & evaluation
• Hardware engineer
– RTL design: System Verilog, pipeline design
– Verification: System Verilog, UVM
• Verification engineer
– UVM methodology
– SystemC/C++ based behavior/performance modeling