Professor Kyunghan Lee, receives commendation from Deputy Prime Minister of Education.

Activities November 20, 2018

41 NRF projects selected as excellent outcomes of the year by the Ministry of Education. Out of the 14 awardees in the field of science and engineering, UNIST takes 2 wins.


The Ministry of Education and NRF held a joint award ceremony on November 13th in Seoul announcing the list of 41 projects selected for its excellence. The selection was made by the review board of NRF from a pool of recommended projects through in-depth reviews and debates.

Of the 41 NRF projects, 14 commendations were given to the field of science and engineering. UNIST snagged two wins, one led by Prof. Kyunghan Lee in the school of ECE and one by Prof Hoi Ri Moon in the department of Chemistry.


Prof. Kyunghan Lee’s team (with Euijin Jeong, Jaemin Jo) was awarded for their CAS (context-aware app scheduling) technique which substantially reduces power consumption of mobile devices by suppressing background activities of mobile applications using the contextual information of the user. The technique reveals a fundamental issue of unmanaged server communications from mobile applications of various developers and provides a way to tightly manage their unnecessary power usage.


The awardees are given the benefit of an additional point for their NRF project proposals in the future. The outcomes from the selected projects will be open to public through the online research exhibition program of NRF (http://rnd.nrf.re.kr/online).