ECE Colloquium : Steven Woo (UMEDIX) – “Technology Trends and Analysis of Smart Home Business in China Market”

January 01, 1970 /

Speaker :

ECE Colloquium : Steven Woo (UMEDIX) – “Technology Trends and Analysis of Smart Home Business in China Market”
Steven Woo
EB2 E204

2016 spring 3th ECE Colloquium scheduled on TUE, March 29th.

Speaker : Steven Woo

Abstract :

As a rapidly growing market, the Main Land of China has been focused by the smart home business. Since the Smart Home concept is a new starting industry in China, the market has met a critical point after crossing introductory period and growing phase. However, even though consumers’ spending habit has not yet matured, the china government’s political leading and market participant’s attentions will make magnificent smart Home market soon or later.
Therefore, we are focusing on the research and strategy trend of china’s domestic smart home industry.
In this seminar, as a china market business player, we are touching the following issues.

-Technical issues and approach in Smart home of China domestic companies
-Competition and co-operation within domestic market players
-Chain government’s policy and social need analysis
-Bottle necks in china smart home business
-How to penetrate the market as a foreign company

Speaker Bio :

Steven Woo (Sung Hun Woo)

2014. 10 Author of Nature’s Scientific reports “Tissue-Informative Mechanism for Wearable Non-invasive Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring”
2010~ Founder and CEO of UMEDIX; u-health platform business, semiconductors, bio sensors, medical instruments
2007-2008 FCI China Research center researcher in transceivers design
2004-2006 DMB technology Researcher in CCFL controller, and SMIC design
2001-2003 Hynix Semicondutor Researcher in PLL, Transceiver design
1990-2001 KAIST, Department of electric and elctronics, Ph. D