Research Labs

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Transportation Lab

Prof. Tsz-Chiu Au

“Agents and Robotic Transportation (ART) Lab (a.k.a. AI, Robotics, and Transportation Lab) is a research lab dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research. Our goal is to scientifically investigate the foundations of AI systems for decision making and problem solving, using techniques such as planning, machine learning, and automated reasoning. Apart from traditional AI topics, our lab also focuses on AI/robot systems in transportation and logistics domains. Current research topics in the lab are autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, automated planning, game theory, and multiagent systems.”

Intelligent System Software Lab

Prof. Woongki Baek

The Intelligent System Software Lab (ISSL) investigate innovative system software techniques that significantly improve the performance, efficiency, security, and reliability of computer systems. We take a vertically integrated research approach to maximize the synergistic effects across the entire computer system hierarchy including computer architecture, system software, runtimes, and applications.

 Interactive Visual Analysis and Data Exploration Research (iVADER)

The iVader (Interactive Visual Analysis and Data Exploration Research) lab conducts research on visual analytics, information visualization, and human-computer interaction.

*Visualization and Data Analytics Research Keywords: Machine-Learning (ML), Deep Learning, big data, multivariate, multi-dimensional, high-dimensional, spatial, temporal, spatial-temporal, business intelligence, disaster, financial, traffic and movement analysis, bioinformatics
*HCI Research Keywords: User interface design, human (or personal) activity analysis, human perception and pattern recognition ability analysis, human factors in visualization, UI/UX design and usability evaluation

System Software Laboratory

Prof. Young-ri Choi

The main focus of System Software Laboratory is to design, develop, and evaluate system software technologies that can support the diversity of emerging applications, including high performance scientific applications and big data applications, and new computer architectures. Our laboratory is interested in virtualization, cloud computing, scientific and data-intensive computing.