CSE Research Areas

Computer Science and Engineering [CSE] Track

Computer Science and Engineering [CSE] Track
Computer Architecture and System Software Information Science
  • Computer Architecture
  • Compiler
  • Database
  • Operating Systems
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Computer Networks
  • Scientific Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Network and Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision, Image Processing, 
    and Computer Graphics
  • Information Retrieval and Data Mining
  • Natural Language Processing

Computer architecture and system software are the foundation of all the other information technology. one of the key challenges in this area is to design scalable, reliable, cost-effective, high-performance systems. areas of interest to the unist systems research group include x-x-embedded systems, computer architecture, parallel and distributed computing, real-time systems, operating systems, database systems, programming languages, virtualization, computer networks, mobile computing, and computer security. advances in this area are critical to meet the exploding demands of tomorrow’s applications arising in other sciences and engineering as well as in our daily lives.
Information science is an interdisciplinary science primarily focusing on various aspects of the computer applications including information analysis and information retrieval. Information Technology (IT) has spread to virtually every corner of our modern world, creating new sciences and engineering such as: e-business, data mining, semantic web, cyber-security and privacy, and interactive technology (organizational and societal impact of IT), all of which are gaining momentum with the exponential growth of IT. UNIST research in this area includes neural network, machine learning, human-computer interaction, computer vision, computer graphics, information retrieval, and natural language processing.