Paper accepted at USENIX HotStorage 2017

Activities April 25, 2017


UNIST CSE CISSR team, NECSST lab PhD student Byungseok Kim, Postdoc Jaeho Kim and Professor Sam H. Noh’s paper “Managing Array of SSDs When the Storage Device is No Longer the Performance Bottleneck” was accepted for publication at USENIX HotStorage 2017.

Recently many related studies have focused on the storage as bottlenecks of computing systems and proposed faster storage systems. However, this paper shows that the bottleneck of the computing systems is changing from storage to the network due to the recent improvements of SSDs. Based on this, we propose a technique to continuously provide the maximum performance under the network bottleneck by hiding the GC(Garbage Collection) problem, which is source of performance distortion in SSDs.

HotStorage is an important, major that deals with early work in the field of storage and file systems.