The students Seo-young Park (3rd year, CSE), Seung-chan Kim (3rd year, CSE), and Jae-hwi Cho (4th year, CSE) have been selected for NAVER-COOP Program. “COOP” is a program in which third and fourth year students gain on-site experience at an outstanding company for six months (or a full year if the student chooses). Before the

UNIST CSE graduate students Jay H. Park (advisor Prof. Sam H. Noh) at Next-generation Embedded/Computer System Software Technology Lab ( and Myeonggyun Han (advisor Prof. Woongki Baek) at Intelligent System Software Lab ( won the NAVER Ph.D. Fellowship Award. NAVER annually selects Ph.D students who have shown remarkable research achievements in computer science and awards

  A research paper entitled “SDRP: Safe, Efficient, and SLO-Aware Workload Consolidation through Secure and Dynamic Resource Partitioning” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. The paper is co-authored by Myeonggyun Han and Prof. Woongki Baek at Intelligent System Software Lab. (ISSL), CSE, UNIST.   This work proposes SDRP, secure and


July 9, 2020

Openedges Technology, Inc. is a leading IP provider for Smart Computing in the Edges. We develop two core technologies; 1) NPU (Neural Processing Unit) technology to accelerate deep neural network computations and 2) Memory Subsystem technology to deliver high DRAM bandwidth to demanding master IPs just like NPU. We are actively looking for senior &

Professor Woongki Baek in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at UNIST has been selected as a recipient of Most Influential PLDI Paper Award at PLDI 2020 for his research paper entitled “Green: A Framework for Supporting Energy-Conscious Programming using Controlled Approximation”, which was published in PLDI 2010. PLDI (ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming

A paper have been accepted for publication at ATC 2020. This paper is co-authored by Jay H. Park, Gyeongchan Yun, Chang M. Yi, Nguyen T. Nguyen, Seungmin Lee, Jaesik Choi (KAIST), Sam H. Noh, and Young-ri Choi.   A research paper entitled “HetPipe: Enabling Large DNN Training on (Whimpy) Heterogeneous GPU Clusters through Integration of

Prof. Seung Ryul Baek has joined the School of ECE (CSE Track) as of Apr.01, 2020. I am truly happy to join UNIST as the faculty member of the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My research interest generally lies in the field of computer vision and deep learning, especially on the application of 3D


December 3, 2019

검색/Clova/랩스의 AI 기술과, 이 기술들이 실생활과 주요 서비스에 어떻게 적용되고 있는지 소개드리는 자리입니다. 많은 관심 부탁드리며 참석 희망하시는 분들은 포스터 내 QR 코드의 url에 접속하셔서 참가신청 바랍니다. ■ 대상 : 국내 주요대학 학부/석사/박사 ■ 행사 진행 : 기술 설명 및 Q&A (60~90분) 및 채용안내 (10분)

A research paper entitled “Hotness- and Lifetime-Aware Data Placement and Migration for High-Performance Deep Learning on Heterogeneous Memory Systems” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computers. The paper is co-authored by Myeonggyun Han, Jihoon Hyun, Seongbeom Park, and Prof. Woongki Baek at Computer Architecture and Systems Lab. (CASL), CSE, UNIST. This work