Welcome to the CSE track homepage. The CSE track at UNIST has been accepting both undergraduate and post-graduate students since 2009 when UNIST was open. Currently about 20% of freshman students entering UNIST engineering division choose the CSE track as their first or second major, about half of them being the first major.

The CSE track has a very vibrant student community with several active student clubs and a helping student body. Despite the short history, our students have already won many prizes in national and international programming competitions and CSE-related conferences, and been distinguished with honor and scholarships. Many undergraduate students start participating early in graduate research programs while some may find the LG software lab highly attractive, which is a very spacious lab, consisting of multiple rooms designed for creative minds of future global leaders of software industry.

The CSE faculty members are leading researchers in their respective fields, and seek excellence in education as well as in research, by providing enthusiastic lectures, encouraging students, and helping them grow in their analytical and problem solving skills as well as in other important capacities required to become world-class scientists and engineers.

Beginning 2015 the UNIST, whose stated goal is to become a world top-10 science and technology university by 2030, receives full national support to function as a national research institute that can create high-impact technologies for the prosperity of humankind. The CSE track also aspires to become a world-class track with excellence in research and education. With this vision in mind we welcome everyone who is willing and passionate about making this dream come true to join the CSE track at UNIST.

Jongeun Lee, CSE Track Coordinator